We offer addiction and recovery services focused on developing the skills needed to provide long term recovery from addictive substances. The focus is to help clients to identify and address chaotic and difficult thoughts, behaviors and relationships as well as dealing with personal impulse con-trol and self-harming type behaviors. We also assist the client in dealing with anger expression, avoiding emotional shutdown and anxiety associated with substance abuse. Many people suffering from addiction have an empty feeling and low self-worth/esteem and we support and tools to help bring their thinking back to a more positive position.

Mental Health

We provide counseling for mental health diagnoses with the understanding that these conditions are no fault of the client and that given the proper tools, guidance and sup-port each individual can live healthy, productive lives. We help people manage difficult emotions they are experiencing related to both past and present stressful events giving them a greater understanding of their situations and a better chance of overcoming them.

New Hope Maternal Recovery Services

The purpose for this program is to provide ad-diction treatment exclusively for pregnant women. We are committed to providing the best care and treatment for these women through gender-specific services, which has consistently demonstrated that women increase their success rate in recovery.

Our counselor is sensitive to women's issues in addiction, recovery and dual-diagnosis. This includes incorporating into treatment services an awareness of domestic violence, trauma and abuse histories, parenting stresses, as well as other concerns. These additional issues central to women's lives are addressed along with addiction in all our recovery classes, groups, and individual case work. An understanding of these issues and the role of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress, in addiction is integrated into all phases of treatment planning.

Counseling Services

Individual and Group
Marriage and Family
Substance Abuse
Relapse Prevention
Clinical Assessment
Drug Screening
Anger Management
Stress Engineering